Research Interviews
The first step in the process was to understand the user. I searched around and interviewed 2 different musicians with different workflows to see where they overlapped and differed.
Using the information I found from my research I then created a persona with a user story and empathy map to help ideate potential solutions.
After interviewing music creators and creating a persona the next step was to see how to realize the solutions to the issues that both my interviewees and persona faced. The result was a connected mobile and desktop app. Sketching aided me in figuring out how the two interfaces would interact with each other. 
Top Left: The sketches explore potential ways for the user to interact with mobile app Top Right: Explores different layouts and features of the desktop app Bottom Left: A continuation of potential ways for the user to interact with mobile appBottom Right: Ideation for how information could be organized within the mobile app
Once I understood where I wanted to go with the app functionality. I made paired down animations in Principle in order see if I was able to create the ideas I had in mind.
              Test of potential animations for the desktop interface.
                        A hi-fi version of the above gif.
This gif shows the rollover and drag and drop test. This animation was used for  moving concepts  from the side menu to the main composition.

Case Study Fullfillment
After figuring out the technical side of my design solution it was time to apply to my persona in order to alleviate pain points and make her workflow more fluid.
Feature I  
 Recording & Creating a Note or Concept
The Atune system makes creating new concepts & moving them to your laptop an easier process. The side menu is opened up and the logo is clicked and that brings your to the recording menu. After a song is recorded the user is prompted to listen to the recording and confirm wether or not it is acceptable. The new recording appears on the top of the list under the "Concepts" tab.
Adding Concepts recorded on the mobile app to desktop composition.
The "Concepts" tab syncs up with the "Concepts" tab on the desktop app and any new recordings will appear in the sidebar. The new recording can then be dragged and dropped into the main composition.
Members of the band can leave notes one the certain parts of the composition in order to make a suggestion without making hard changes to the document as a whole.
Atune app operations can also be split up between the mobile app and desktop app. If desired video chat can be sent to the Atune mobile app in order to open up workspace or get more detailed view of a given band members tracks.
Branding & Merch
Case Study Broadsheet for display.
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