Creating 3 email signatures for a Durham, NC based community center. Exchange Family Center contacted me to design a signature for each of their key events to advertise in their emails. They requested that the design encompassed the spirit of play that organization represents. The 3 events that they were highlighting were Monthly Giving, Tell-A-Friend, and Pinwheels Family Fun Day. 
When beginning the project I asked the client if they had a certain style guide that I would have to design within the constraints of. Since they did not have an established style the first thing I did was visit their website to pull out key colors and potential themes. My first design used the prior assets that were provided from a previous project. When shared with Exchange Family Center they requested that I pushed the design even further and it looked two clean. So in order to gain inspiration I looked up kids art and tried various methods in order to create the perfect balance between a polished and kid inspired design. I hand drew the images that would go into design and loosely traced them in Photoshop. I used various brushes and rakes to make the design a little bit messy and placed each individual letter in the title of each signature.
Once the designs were approved I then began to start coding the email signatures so they could be applied by the client. Using Photoshop I sliced each image and social media link and linked them online and added the urls to the code for the html document.
Project Duration: 
December 2019 - February 2020
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