This project was another venture into Accessibility Design. Along with a team of my classmates, I was given the assignment to create an iPhone application that would help a visually impaired college student navigate her college campus. With the help of iBeacon technology and a sighted friend, our user would use our app to get through her first year of college. 

Just like my first project in Accessibility Design, this project required a lot of research. I already had a working knowledge of the ADA, but had never participated in any form of design where the user wouldn't be able to visually interact with the interface. My group and I had to take that into account throughout the entire process, so we spent next to no time on visual language, but instead on venturing into haptic and auditory-lead interfaces. The biggest takeaway for this project was that there are many ways to interact with the senses of of users to make an interface more effective. 
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